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  • Creates interpretive content
  • Writes and edits exhibit text
  • Delivers meaningful experiences to your audience

Working with Devra is a delight. She is knowledgeable, creative, and a committed problem-solver. She is passionate about exhibitions and their potential to engage a broad spectrum of visitors. She is conscientious, an incredible advocate for cultural and scientific institutions, and an outstanding leader of project teams.

Cheryl B., Zoo supervisor (2016-2018)

It was cool. I learned a lot about pandas.

Anna, 7-year-old Zoo by Zoom participant

Devra was very engaging with my daughter. She shared her knowledge and answered questions too.

Anna’s mom

Devra is a thorough writer and editor, with absolute attention to detail in copyediting. She has an equal eye (and ear) for content production and writing. Devra excels at picking out the most compelling bits and pieces of a story and presenting those elements in a compelling way for readers.

Heather S., Museum colleague (2005-2013)

Devra was able to explain pandas and their lives, ecosystems, and history in interesting ways, which helped engage me. She was able to teach advanced ideas elaborately, and I was able to follow the information well.

Thom, 15-year-old Zoo by Zoom participant

Devra furthered my knowledge on pandas, giving me clear information about the environment they live in, the habits they have, their diets, etc. Using the things I learned, I’m better able to understand how pandas live and why they do the things they do to ensure their success and survival in the world.

Dorothy, 13-year-old Zoo by Zoom participant

My teenagers learned so much from Devra!

Thom and Dorothy’s mom

Devra gave my sister and me lots of information about different animals like snowy owls and cheetahs. She knew a lot about the animals and I learned a lot. She was also really kind and funny! Thanks, Devra!

Nico, 11-year-old Zoo by Zoom participant

Devra helped me learn so much about elephants. She described them in such great detail. I’m so glad she could teach me!

Emilia, 9-year-old Zoo by Zoom participant

Devra’s Zoo by Zoom sessions were a lifesaver for us during the pandemic. She is so knowledgeable and kept the kids so engaged in the animals they were learning about! Time with Devra and the animals really became something to look forward to. We’ll keep booking her as long as we can!

Nico and Emilia’s mom


  • As a project director at the Smithsonian Institution, I developed exhibits for art, history, and science museums.
  • I created engaging, memorable interpretive spaces for the National Zoo.
  • I am a writer, editor, and storyteller. I am a manager and a collaborator.
  • I have a vibrant and diverse portfolio, and I look forward to creating content for your institution.